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Ecotechnologies are forms of ecological engineering that contribute to the responsible use of renewable resources. Their purpose is to reduce pollution and enhance sustainability.

All our projects have ecotechnologies.

We are environmentally sustainable, so each of our projects has innovative eco-technologies that allow the responsible use of natural resources, reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Paneles solares

Solar panels

These photovoltaic panels harness the sun's energy and convert it into electricity, which results in lower consumption and more savings.


Wind generators

These are electric generators that work by converting the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy through a propeller.

Generador atmósferico

Atmospheric purified water generator

Its innovative system condenses humidity from the environment, filters, purifies, ionizes and alkalinizes it to convert it into water that is ideal for human consumption.



A 100% Mexican invention that prevents water from passing through the shower until it reaches the desired temperature, saving an average of 8 liters of water for every minute you wait.

Planta de tratamiento

Wastewater treatment plant

Indispensable for the good management of wastewater, the treatment plant filters the water through physical and chemical processes allowing its reuse, reducing subsoil contamination.

Aguas grises

Filtration and reuse of graywater in toilets

This system allows the reuse of water from sinks and showers in toilet tanks, considerably reducing the consumption of potable water.

Agua de lluvia

Pipelines for rainwater use

Ducts and piping systems will be implemented to allow the storage and use of rainwater.

Suavizador de agua

Water softener

Water softening minimizes the amount of calcium and magnesium in water. Its main purpose is to prevent scaling or scale formation on surfaces, pipes and equipment.

Ozonizador de agua

Cleaning with ozonated water

Harsh cleaning chemicals are no longer necessary. Cleaning with ozonated water eliminates the need for packaging and transporting chemicals. When cleaning is done, it returns back to oxygen.

Separación de residuos

Separation and reuse of construction waste

Solid waste and garbage will be used by local artisans to create utensils and artistic works .